get on it

Hey everyone, ive successfully managed to set up SBCL for sublimetext! that means that the parsejourney can begin!!
the current code i have is this, which just prints files, but this is just for testing

(defvar *curpath* nil)

(defun set-path (newpath) 
		(setq *curpath* newpath)
		(format t "~a~%~%" *curpath*)

(defun print-file (file)
	(let ((in (open (concatenate 'string *curpath* "/" file) )))
		(when in
			(loop for line = (read-line in nil)
				 while line do (format t "~a~%" line))
			(close in)))
;opens a .blog file with parameter "name"
(defun open-blog (name) 
	(print-file (concatenate 'string name ".blog"))
(set-path "loni3/src/blog")
(open-blog "210519")
also, i have some js here to provide syntax highlighting, not sure if i want to add it as a separate file just yet, since a friend pointed out i could set up a reader macro, because you can make macros for anything